Irish Tunes




・The Session (

 「The First Tune Book はじめよう!アイリッシュ・セッション」

・Down by the Salley Gardens
・Tis the Last Rose of Summer(庭の千草)
・Da Slockit Light (Shetland Air)
・My Cape Breton Home

・Ookpik Waltz
・Far away(Marie’s Waltz)

・Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór
・Planxty Irwin
・Fanny Power
・O’Carolan’s Concerto
・O’Carolan’s Draught
・Lord Inchiquin

・Cooley’s / The Cup of tea
・The Silver Spear / The Banshee / The Concertina
・The Ashplant / The Sally Gardens / Pachelbel’s Frolics
・The Humor of Tulla / Castel Kelly / The Otter’s Holt
・Fred Finn’s / Castle Kerry / Red Haired Lass (Reel)
・The Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailor’s Bonnet
・Over the Moor to Maggie / The Bucks Of Oranmore
・Toss the Feathers #1/#2

・The Kesh / Morrison’s / The Out on the Ocean
・The Lilting Bansee / Morrison’s / Out on The Ocean
・Dusty Windowsills / Coleraine
・Paddy’s return / Willie Coleman’s / The Rolling Waves
・Helvic Head
・The Templehouse / The Swallowtail / The Cliffs of Moher
・The Kid on the Mountain(Slip Jig)
・The Mist on the Mountain / The Cliffs of Moher

・Brosna / O’Keefe’s / Dingle Regatta

・Off to California / The Boys of Bluehill
・Harvest Home / Belfast
・The Rights of Man / The Pride of Petravore
・Mulqeeny’s / Independent

・Ballydesmond Polka No.1 / No.2 / No.3
・Ballyfin Polka No.1 / No.2 / No.3
・Siege of Ennis(The Rattlin’ Bog) /Kerry Polka / John Ryan’s Polka